ACEC-FL Transportation Conference

Mobility systems that connect people to cities, counties, and new opportunities.

Whether we drive a car, ride a bus, ride a bike, take a plane, walk, or board a train, transportation planning and engineering designs impact our daily lives, which is why DCCM is committed to raising the bar on transportation planning and design. By providing a full suite of professional services, our team of highly qualified planners and engineers strives to make mobility safer and more economical to meet the increased demand for efficiency and increased capacity in our urban and rural systems. Regardless of the project size or specific mode of transportation, our professional staff has the expertise to deliver the project successfully.

Our Conference Crew

Chris Buttermore, PE

Matthews | DCCM

Transportation Lead
Chris brings extensive design experience on both public and private sector civil engineering projects. He has worked on a wide variety of roadway design projects for a number of clients, primarily FDOT and municipalities. Chris’ experience includes working as a project manager, roadway engineer, MOT engineer, and S&PM engineer on many FDOT, county, and city projects.

Tyler Smith, PE

Matthews | DCCM

Senior Project Manager
Tyler has specialized in designing roadway and transportation systems which have included widening, resurfacing, interchanges, intersections, signing and pavement markings, and ADA compliant sidewalks. Tyler developed indispensable engineering knowledge while working on projects ranging from small driveway projects to large design-build interchange projects.

Darrin Willer, PE


Executive Vice President, National Transportation Business Line Leader
Darrin has 33 years of leading and growing engineering and planning teams and guiding transportation programs from corridor planning studies through final design. Specialties: Highway/toll road planning & design, complex environmental documents, Program Management/GEC/PMC, drainage design, contracting & negotiations, client relations & business development.

  • Major & Minor Roadway Design

  • Highway & Interchange Design

  • Major & Minor Bridge Design

  • Intersection Design

  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities

  • Quality Assurance & Control

  • Complete Streets

  • Corridor Planning

  • Transportation Planning

  • Lighting Design

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • ITS

FDOT Pre-Qualifications & Certifications
  • 3.1 – Minor Highway Design
  • 3.2 – Major Highway Design
  • 7.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
  • 8.1 – Control Surveying
  • 8.2 – Design, Right of Way & Construction Surveying
  • 8.4 – Right of Way Mapping
  • 10.1 – Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection
  • 13.6 – Land Planning/Engineering
  • 15 – Landscape Architect
  • CLARB Certified Landscape Architect

Services by Division

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