Integrated systems that provide transformational outcomes.

DCCM’s commitment to innovative MEP design solutions is underscored by our expert team’s proficiency in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems. The meticulous coordination of these elements ensures seamless integration into our holistic project approach, prioritizing building performance optimization, occupant comfort, and sustainability while minimizing life cycle costs. In navigating project complexities, our adept handling of client-specific drafting standards allows us to provide flexible and tailored solutions with efficiency. Our comprehensive designs not only align with industry standards but also contribute significantly to sustainable, efficient, and timely project deliveries. DCCM stands as a reliable partner, reinforcing its position through a dedicated pursuit of excellence in MEP and holistic project approaches, ensuring client satisfaction and successful project outcomes.

  • Architectural lighting plan design

  • Chilled water systems

  • Direct digital control (DDC) systems

  • Domestic cold and hot water systems

  • Domestic waste and vent systems

  • Electrical system design

  • Emergency power systems

  • Energy conservation technologies

  • Energy modeling

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Fire protection systems

  • Geothermal heat pump systems

  • HVAC systems

  • Illuminance calculations

  • Lighting control design

  • Lightning protection systems

  • Voice, data, and video integration

Services by Division

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