To save time, resources, and money, a collaborative approach is required to deliver projects faster, smarter, and better.

DCCM has a proven track record of success in utility coordination, showcasing our expertise in identifying innovative and cost-effective alternate design solutions. Our ability to facilitate relocations prior to project construction underscores our commitment to seamless processes. With extensive utilities experiences encompasses planning, designing, procuring, and constructing a diverse range of projects, our skilled staff delivers timely services and crafts creative, individualized engineering solutions that align with the community goals of our clients.

Our team of experts specializes in subsurface utility engineering (SUE), telecommunications, pipeline management, utility coordination, and emerging technology. This specialization goes beyond addressing the immediate project requirements; we actively consider the short- and long-term business goals of our clients. By prioritizing utility coordination, we ensure that our clients’ projects not only meet the current demands efficiently but also contribute to their broader objectives, promoting sustainable and future-focused infrastructure development.

  • SUE Quality Levels A through D

  • Utility designation

  • 3D Spar technology

  • Remote sensing

  • Fiber route design

  • Cost analysis

  • Conflict investigations

  • Permit procurement

  • Records research

  • Inspections

  • Utility agreements

  • Pipeline design

  • Horizontal directional drilling

  • Construction phase services

  • Cable route staking

  • Broadband

Services by Division

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